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Don't Hate the Game
Hate the Player
I'm not finishing that sentance. =|

But I think that you get the point.

Oh Ino.. the things we do together. <3

Besides that, nothing much has really gone on this week- besides me getting over being sick. FUCKING, YES.

I was SO sick of hallucinations. Seriously- DAMN.

No one's come in for tattoos for awhile, so I've been just..doing a lot of Paper work for Anko- the usual. Playing some beats, recording some music..

Its so weird to play a guitar with boobs like this..

But I love the way my voice sounds... I just wish that sounded less creepy. XD

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- Shika.

Feeling: flirty Girly
Tunes: Cake- Short skirt, long jacket

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Augh dear god, I'm so sick.. Ino came over, and she fed me and she's taking care of me but still.. nugh.

Sorry I haven't been around everybody..especially to fox face, who I know has been feeling screwed up lately.

I just keep trying to get up, and falling over- over and over and over again. THe fucking fever's making me see things too.. bad things.. like my Temari..all covered in blood *big shivers*.. aaugh..

I have to go..so sick..

*passes out*

Feeling: sick Oh god augh
Tunes: Beck

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So much.. has happened. I..god man, I can't even THINK. It makes my head spin!

-I did gigs with Kyuu
- had a good time with Chouji
- Went on a camping trip
- gave Tayu a very well done tattoo
- found a band memeber subsitute: ANKO we need to meet again so I can play for you!
- Went through a bout of depression and insomnia..
- Fell in love all over again.

and.. o,o god, I can't even believe I can TRUTHFULLY SAY THIS:


Every time I look at her, she reminds me of everything beautiful in the world. Reminds me of reasons I have to live my life to the fullest. Reminds me to not be the lazy prick I was years and years ago.. makes everything so amazing.. and is so..god. damn. drop. dead. SEXY. GORGEOUS. THE EPITOME OF SEDUCTION.

I think I'm the happiest, luckiest, most well laid happy man on earth.

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Feeling: bouncy bliss
Tunes: Yellow Moon- Akeboshi

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So, lots of shit has happened lately..

I met a hot blonde who got a hot piercing- and apparently she might be getting some more. *grins* Score. , Kyuubi paid me MORE money-, moved in got shop set up- met a wonderfull Chouji..

This place is even better than I thought it'd be..Its just so freeing to get away from all the shit in the old world I was from.

Good to get away from her ...

I also played with FoxBreathe and made some REAL money. Sweet ass man, I can finally play my guitar and get PAID FOR REAL. <3 Augh, its like everything I've ever wanted, confirmed.

I went to Cho's for dinner and met Sokka and Nara. Sokka's a real beauty, albeit she is sort of loud at times- even so, I can't help but appreciate an insect like that. Nara the Red Panda, however, is TheMostAdorableThingOnThePlanet REALLY awesome. What I'd give to own a fuzzy guy like that!

mm..maybe I should think of getting a pet, hmm? I mean, its pretty lonely here.


..ohshit, now she's going to kill me.

*Runs away from Morgan*

- Shika.

Feeling: curious heh, these cats are cute.
Tunes: Newest Weezer album- "Make Believe"

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